' Farmhouse Vineyard - Wine Club

Wine Club

The Wine Club making "Our Farm to Your Table" a Reality

 #Paydirt - What on "earth" Does That Even Mean?

  • One year commitment up to 3 shipments.
  • First shipment in May 2017 of each of our wines #Housewife #Boyfriend and #Bloom.
  • Tasting List of wineries featuring our grapes and new release info
  • Each Shipment includes "Seasonal Items" from our farms hand selected and prepared for club members only. "From Field to Cork & Field to Fork" Shipment #1 = Honey & Jam with your three new wines.
  • Second shipment is the 3 of your choice!
  • 2 Wine Club Dinners/Events where everything is sourced from our farm. 1st slated for Johnson City, Texas Mid Oct.
  • 20% off Wines at all times
  • Complimentary Tasting for you and a guest at our Renovated Airstream coming in Oct. to Johnson City, TX.
  • 10% off Merch - did you see our items we have some great stuff? #SHOP
  • 10% off Lodging at our Guest Cottage for when you're out and about in TX Wine Country! #SIPandSTAY
  • Eblast and News Releases of other Wine events and offerings related to something we ourselves would want to do -  if we had THE TIME.

If you're here one of two things have happened. You've signed up for our wine club or you're at least thinking about it. First and foremost let us say THANK YOU. Thank you for taking a chance on a wine club unlike anything Texas has seen before. We are farmers/growers who's first objective is to place our premium fruit in the hands of premium wineries - when there are boutique runs of our own wines available we want to place it with you. To better understand wines, a specific region or variety, it's best to have knowledge of it's "Terroir" which is French for "earth or dirt." If you're not familiar with the High Plains of West Texas just know this. The AVA produces 85% of the fruit grown in the state. It's comprised of generational and enterprising farm families anchored to the red sandy loam soil. It can be stark and the wind never stops blowing but it's unequivocally the best soil for wine grapes in Texas. There are no guarantees in farming but when you hit "pay dirt" you know it. In our initial launch we're accepting a limited number of Wine Club Members and the above is what it all means.  #JoinNow