A Chance Encounter...

Farmhouse, The Sun, and The Moon, align.

The "Ring of Fire" is an annular solar eclipse, where the moon covers most of the sun, leaving only a brilliant ring-like corona visible around the edges. This creates an otherworldly and breathtaking sight as the sun's rays filter through, creating a ring of intense light amidst the darkness. The rarity and uniqueness of this visual effect are what make this eclipse particularly special.

The 2017 Eclipse presented FHV with a remarkable opportunity as we harvested our grapes. This extraordinary event granted us the chance to capture a rare and exceptional moment, infusing it with significance that will resonate for years to come.

As farmers, we deeply understand the importance of nurturing a lasting connection with the environment, and atmosphere. That's why we place a strong emphasis on cultivating exceptional wines & wines worth waiting for.

103 years in the making, please join us for the Eclipse Vineyard Viewing Event @ Whitehouse Parker.

Our vineyard will be in the path of totality, a once in a lifetime event that has not been seen in Texas since 1919!

We will be opening an hour early at 11:00am to allow onlookers a beautiful backdrop to this "Ring of Fire."

"Vineyard Viewing" Rows will be available for purchase.

  • Open seating on front and back lawn, bring your own lawn chair.
  • Food Truck and specialty wines for just this occasion.