On the Farm

First and foremost, we are the growers. Recognized as the Seaton’s & Furgeson’s, a brother-sister combo comprised of 8 generations currently farming 7,000 acres of Cotton, Peanuts, Peas, Hemp, Melons, Various Grains, Dorper Sheep & Premium Texas Grapes.  

We’re incredibly proud to say we have the best damn client list in Texas. Farmhouse Vineyards grows grapes for some of the largest wineries in the state of Texas down to the most boutique.

For us, the ultimate reward is not only producing boutique runs of our own wines but receiving vineyard designation from our clients. Our tagline isn’t a nice little spin an agency crafted on our behalf. It’s our everyday goal & hopefully, our outward expression.

“Growing Benchmark Fruit Wine Enthusiasts Seek & Wineries Designate with Pride.”