On the Farm

The #Farmhouse4 Team

Our name is on the debt & the rack card but our success goes wholeheartedly to the families that are in the fields daily + the friends & fans that say our name with the same regularity. For this we are humbled.


Traci Furgeson

Traci is the beautifully intelligent glue that holds our operation together.

She is everything.

Our voice of reason & compliance, with a Masters in Education from TTU. Traci ensures our I’s are dotted & T’s are crossed. Quite frankly, she serves as the GM of us. 


Anthony Furgeson

Anthony is an innovator with a Master’s in Finance from TTU with a passion for research & conservation of resources.

Anthony serves on multiple boards, and is a committe member of TWGGA

He spends countless hours mired in organics paperwork, certifications, and Human Resources from the spray rig & mobile truck office. 


Katy Jane Seaton

Katy Jane is our big idea one of the bunch.  With a Bachelors in Ag Economics & Marketing from NMSU. 2022 marks 21 years in the Wine Marketing Business. 

Katy Jane has served as an Executive Director for both the Wineries & the Growers, along with the Texas Department of Agriculture Advisory Committee. #FindTheDreamers and the #Doers


Nicholas Seaton

Nick has been farming since he was 9 years old. Dirt, it’s welfare & occupants are his constant obsession.  

With an American Farmer Degree and longtime board member of the NRCS, Nicholas is strategic in mainting the brand's diversification, expansion, and longevity.    

He worries enough for all of us. He’ll worry enough for you too.