A Spotlight on each Variety as WE See it from Farmhouse Terrior (thats the fancy word for dirt)

The “Grapegrowers Blend” that is a tangible walk through our Vineyards.


Imagine a dusty cigar box for the saving of all your treasured things. Inhale aromas of Medjool Dates, Plumbs, and Red Currants. On the palate, deep raspberry Jam is laced with boysenberry/blueberry fruit leather combined. The taste of freshly hewn oak beams envelops your senses. The wine is elegant upon entry into the mouth, with juicy acidity throughout. Spend enough time, and you'll find a pleasant hint of grippyness on the roof and central palate. This wine is beautifully balanced and immediately transports one's soul to a walk in an abundant Fall garden. The first of two single-varietal wines invite you to take count on the many good things to celebrate in our lives.


Low-acidity, slightly earthy, & “berry friendly,” this dry wine is a delight to pair with a meat lover pizza or perks up pasta dishes with rich tomato sauce or cream sauce, mushrooms, and a variety of meats, from simple charcuterie to grilled steak.

Dolcetto shines with its flavors and aromas of brambly berries and violets—notes of licorice, black cherry, blueberry, prune, and an almond finish. 

To truly appreciate Dolcetto, cool it down for a bit. A short stint in the refrigerator for 20 minutes does the trick. There is no need to cellar or wait; this wine can be enjoyed immediately!


Full of fruity flavors and bright acidity, with high-intensity flavors that match well with roasted meats and cumin-spice vegetables.

This vintage of Grenache gives the aroma of raspberry, fig, and lavender with a hint of leather. To taste a subtle note of smoke to compliment the fruity essence of strawberries, cherry, and plum.


30% Dolcetto | 20% Cabernet Sauvignon | 20% Cinsaut | 10% Counoise | 10% Syrah | 10% Mourvèdre

An explosion of plum & berry fruit, laced with Rainier Cherry and Swedish Licorice. Light tannins are present in the fore-mouth with a juicy mid-palate and long satisfying finish. A legit

"What To Take to Dinner" crowd-pleaser wine.


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