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Prohibition Rosé

Fresh from the farm

Katy Jane Seaton
February 9, 2022 | Katy Jane Seaton

Prohibition Rosé

Featured Artist Collaboration

Truth be told rather you are working the fields on the farm, driving the tactor, hearding sheep, or pouring wine in the tasting room; music is such a large part of our day.  From the day we heard Prohibition Rose, we were in love.  Hence our first artist collaboration wine.     

Farmhouse Vineyards is proud to present a special edition wine paired with Tyler Stephen McCollums's new song "Prohibition Rose."

Indulge in the full tasting experience by scanning the back label to listen on Spotify. We are suckers for a lovely ballad on the farm.

100% Cinsault Rosé

Tasting Notes

This varietal-specific rosé is rich in aromas of Brownfield watermelon patches with both sweet fresh fruit notes and young delicate aromas of green watermelon rind; accompanied by homegrown sugared strawberries. Bright fruit flavors of delicate navel orange zest and honeydew melon.

Food Pairings

Pair this with paella, herbed dorper lamb, and of course Evie Mae's BBQ.   Texas Rosé wines are brilliant when paired with local smokey rich meats.   

Temperature:  In the summer get this good & cold so that it is the perfect temperature for poolside or patio sitting as it warms.  

Glassware:  We always prefer stemmed glasses for whites and rosé.  We find that these wines warm quickly from the heat of your hand in stemless glassware.   




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