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Our 3 Original Wines (Re-Released) + Their Stories!

Fresh from the farm

Christina Feddersen
October 11, 2022 | Christina Feddersen

Our 3 Original Wines (Re-Released) + Their Stories!

#TexasWineMonth is taking us down memory lane...

These wines are the true OG's for #FarmhouseVineyards. Bloom, Ramble On & Housewife have stories that you may or may not have heard before.

We thought it would be an excellent time to share not only the unique profiles of these wines; but the personalities that bring meaning to each bottle.




Like a slow dance with your first love - she’s unforgettable.

Many relationships have a love song. Housewife is the equivalent of “our song.” Our Love Story began with her & babies on the bottling line. 

Our Journey as Farmhouse Vineyards started with Babies On The Bottling Line. (Literally)
Cheers to Raising Babies & Building a Brand! This wine is a love letter to the strength of women; on the farm worldwide & certainly in our brand.

Whether you are a seasoned spouse or an aspiring one, we made this wine for you. #HousewivesRunTheWorld.



Have you ever read our back label?

You work hard for the money.
You bring home the bacon & fry it up in a pan.
You’re a maniac & you're dancin' as you’ve never seen dance before.
We know the struggle is real.


Housewife is built with an iron club purpose. She is as sweet as a dry drinker will go & as dry as a sweet drinker will go. With her popularity blossoming, it called for a bigger bottle.

It had become apparent she needed to 'serve' more! #Growth 

This 100% Malvasia Bianca has lovely notes of Asian Pear, Orange Blossom & crisp acidity like a cotton sheet.


Shop 2021 Housewife

100% Malvasia Bianca - Semi-Sweet White 


This vintage of Ramble On celebrates our journey from the first red wine poured in our beloved Airstream ‘Tipsy Trailer’’ to 5 years as a brand. Ultimately cultivating food, fiber, and fine wine for you.

Originally, this wine was a custom collaboration between #FarmhouseVineyards & the one and only... "Rambling RedHead." Jen Todryk of HGTV No Demo Reno.

But then the story rambles on and on and on... 

It involves a book, Amazon, and our Airstream. Plus, telling it takes wine. 

All of this culminates into our own version of this story.
Wear Cotton - Eat Lamb - Drink Texas Wine
End Of Story. 

• Shop 2019 Ramble On •

71% Tempranillo | 22% Cab Sauv | 7% Cinsaut 



She's our beautiful provencal style darling. Holding notes of early Oregon strawberries and Farmhouse raised watermelons. Cerise in color with a wet rock finish, forever a tribute to our Cotton Pickin' way of life. #BloomWhereYouArePlanted.

The beauty of a Cotton Bloom...
Did you know before the fiber comes, a flower
that adorns the plant?


• Shop 2021 Bloom •

100% Mourvèdre

From Our Family To Yours... 
Cheers to #TexasWineMonth!

Support Your Local Farmer.


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