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The Lost Art of 'Thank You' Notes

Fresh from the farm

Rebecca Conley
October 13, 2021 | Rebecca Conley

The Lost Art of 'Thank You' Notes

One of the beautiful things about the Farmhouse style is that it celebrates the beauty of some of the simpler things like milk jugs, galvanized tin, and for once rust isn’t a bad thing. To some this may seem like a decor trend, and to most who have lived the farm life it’s simply how things are. 

‘Farmhouse’ is so much more than a decor trend, it's a way of life that celebrates traditions from our families.   Who here is still holding onto grandma’s ice cream maker, or her spoon that scrapes the cast iron skillet just right?  I am proud to say many of these things still have a place in my home and my heart,  and I am not so proud to say that sometimes I need a friendly reminder to live a simpler life.   Put down the phones, spend time with the kids, teach them about the earth and how to care for it, and quite possibly one of her biggest rules which was to always send a thank you note.  

In an era where we are so engrossed in being present and active in a virtual manner, let's be a little more old fashioned and remember to say thank you not just in spoken form but in a tangible form.  

The ‘Thank You’ note dates back to the 1400’s when Europeans exchanged greeting cards with family members and friends.   The tradition then arrived in the United States around the 1850’s with the arrival of German immigrants.       

Thank You cards seem to be something of the past with the arrival of email and text messaging, but one thing remains true: people love to know that you care.  Thank you cards are a thoughtful and intentional way to let others know just how much you appreciated the home cooked meal, help with your home projects, or the lovely gift you received.   

Next time you stop into our tasting rooms be sure to check out our thank you cards and stationery.   Thank you notes didn’t come from the farm, but our traditions do.  



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