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Fresh from the farm

Christina Feddersen
October 11, 2022 | Christina Feddersen

Our 3 Original Wines (Re-Released) + Their Stories!

#TexasWineMonth is taking us down memory lane...

These wines are the true OG's for #FarmhouseVineyards. Bloom, Ramble On & Housewife have stories that you may or may not have heard before.

We thought it would be an excellent time to share not only the unique profiles of these wines; but the personalities that bring meaning to each bottle.




Like a slow dance with your first love - she’s unforgettable.

Many relationships have a love song. Housewife is the equivalent of “our song.” Our Love Story began with her & babies on the bottling line. 

Our Journey as Farmhouse Vineyards started with Babies On The Bottling Line. (Literally)
Cheers to Raising Babies & Building a Brand! This wine is a love letter to the strength of women; on the farm worldwide & certainly in our brand.

Whether you are a seasoned spouse or an aspiring one, we made this wine for you. #HousewivesRunTheWorld.



Have you ever read our back label?

You work hard for the money.
You bring home the bacon & fry it up in a pan.
You’re a maniac & you're dancin' as you’ve never seen dance before.
We know the struggle is real.


Housewife is built with an iron club purpose. She is as sweet as a dry drinker will go & as dry as a sweet drinker will go. With her popularity blossoming, it called for a bigger bottle.

It had become apparent she needed to 'serve' more! #Growth 

This 100% Malvasia Bianca has lovely notes of Asian Pear, Orange Blossom & crisp acidity like a cotton sheet.


Shop 2021 Housewife

100% Malvasia Bianca - Semi-Sweet White 


This vintage of Ramble On celebrates our journey from the first red wine poured in our beloved Airstream ‘Tipsy Trailer’’ to 5 years as a brand. Ultimately cultivating food, fiber, and fine wine for you.

Originally, this wine was a custom collaboration between #FarmhouseVineyards & the one and only... "Rambling RedHead." Jen Todryk of HGTV No Demo Reno.

But then the story rambles on and on and on... 

It involves a book, Amazon, and our Airstream. Plus, telling it takes wine. 

All of this culminates into our own version of this story.
Wear Cotton - Eat Lamb - Drink Texas Wine
End Of Story. 

• Shop 2019 Ramble On •

71% Tempranillo | 22% Cab Sauv | 7% Cinsaut 



She's our beautiful provencal style darling. Holding notes of early Oregon strawberries and Farmhouse raised watermelons. Cerise in color with a wet rock finish, forever a tribute to our Cotton Pickin' way of life. #BloomWhereYouArePlanted.

The beauty of a Cotton Bloom...
Did you know before the fiber comes, a flower
that adorns the plant?


• Shop 2021 Bloom •

100% Mourvèdre

From Our Family To Yours... 
Cheers to #TexasWineMonth!

Support Your Local Farmer.

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Christina Feddersen
February 14, 2022 | Christina Feddersen

How To Pair Sparkling Rosè With Steak


Who said red wine was the only thing you should drink with steak?

The common rule of thumb when pairing steaks would follow suit to the “Red Meat, Red Wine” trend. But we love to bend the rules around here… spice up your expectational steak night routine with a sparkling rosé. 

Rosé is often thought of as a summer wine, or a wine to drink by the pool. It's not generally considered something that could be paired with a big, juicy steak.

While it may look unassuming and delicate in the glass, this 100% sparkling Counoise semi-dry wine is full of texture, brilliance, and savory notes that make it more than perfect for this culinary experience.

Bright acids and grip make this the perfect pairing for rich beef. Think dry-rubbed ribeye, flank steak with chimichurri, thick cut New York Strip with a steak rub (may we recommend the Perini Ranch Steak Rub), and of course, a classic T-Bone loaded with a pepper medley.

Flirting with both complexity and frivolity. When paired with a nicely charred grilled steak, embrace how each sip to bite - turns those excitable fruity notes into an exhilarating, sultry, fruit-forward experience. The black cherry hints at clove and cola, lighting up the minerality with compliments of subtle white pepper spice.  

Elegant hues of pink and floral aromatics heighten the robust flavors standing up against a special blend of seasonings on the smoky meat. Intensifying a zesty, vibrant perlage before turning into a rounded mouthfeel, “Oh - My - God” finish. (Yes, we are still talking about a rosé.)

See for yourself. Revolutionize the way you pair rosé, & let us know what you think. 

Purchase Wine Here

At Farmhouse Vineyards we are purveyors of food, fiber, and fine wine.  

Photo Credit: Christina Feddersen of Matchless Exposure 

Chef/Talent: Rob Baird   


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