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Farmhouse Vineyards calls the Texas High Plains home and offers a tasting room at our base of operations in Brownfield,Texas.  Join us at Whitehouse Parker.

Not making it to West Texas any time soon?  Visit us at our Texas Hill Country location just off the Highway 290 Wine Trail in Johnson City, Texas.  Join us at Farmhouse Vineyards Marketplace.

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There are no guarantees in farming, which in turn requires a lot of praying.  Around Farmhouse Vineyards we drink what we sow in the #Praydirt

Farmhouse Vineyards offers a variety of Membership Options which include quarterly allotments of 3, 12, and users choice, wine club exclusive wines, and provisions fresh from the farm

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Growing Benchmark Fruit Wine Enthusiasts Seek & Wineries Designate with Pride 

First and foremost we are growers. Recognized as the Seaton’s & Furgeson’s, a brother-sister combo comprised of 8 generations currently farming 7,000 acres of Cotton, Peanuts, Melons, Various Grains & Vineyards. 

We’re incredibly proud to say we have the best damn client list in Texas. Farmhouse Vineyards grows grapes for some of the largest wineries in the state of Texas - to the most boutique. 

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Welcome to Our Farmhouse

For us, the ultimate reward is not only producing boutique runs of our own wines but receiving vineyard designation from our clients. Our tagline isn’t a nice little spin an agency crafted on our behalf. It’s our everyday goal & hopefully, our outward expression. 

Farmhouse Vineyards is pleased to offer small boutique lots of wine when the vintage allows. We specialize in warm-weather grape varieties that are well suited for the arid climate of the Texas High Plains AVA.  

Our flagship white grape variety is Malvasia Bianca. She is a rare and beautiful delight

Our flagship red grape variety is Counoise. Farmhouse Vineyards was the original planting of this variety in the state of Texas and remain the largest commercial producer.  We could tell you all about this grape, but all of our gratitude goes to Tablas Creek, who spent nine years working to bring this grape stateside.  

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