We Are The Growers

Farmhouse Vineyards is pleased to offer small boutique lots of wine when the vintage allows. We specialize in warm weather grape varieties that are well suited for the arid climate of the Texas High Plains AVA.

For us, the ultimate reward is not only producing boutique runs of our own wines but receiving vineyard designation from our clients. Our tagline isn’t a nice little spin an agency crafted on our behalf. It’s our everyday goal & hopefully, our outward expression. We’re incredibly proud to say we have the best damn client list in Texas.

Farmhouse client list

Growing Benchmark Fruit Wine Enthusiasts Seek & Wineries Designate with Pride.

Clouds over vineyard


Year Planted: 2010

This planting is our original vineyard block, it is 20 acres and occupies 1/3 of a pivot circle in Meadow, Texas.  The original 20 acres were planted in 2010 with an additional 10 acres going in the ground just two years later.

The Varieties

  • Roussane (5 Acres), planted in 2010clone FPS 05 with Harmony Rootstock
  • Tempranillo (5 Acres), planted in 2010 clone FPS 02 with 1103p Rootstock
  • Orange Muscat (5 Acres), planted in 2010 clone FPS 02 (C-Amador County Selection) Harmony Rootstock
  • Viognier (5 Acres), planted in 2010 clone FPS 01 (C-Domaine de Vassel, France) 1103p RootstockMuscat Canelli (5 Acres),
  • planted in 2012 clone FPS 06 1103 RootstockMalvasia Bianca (5 Acres) planted in 2012 clone FPS 03 101-14 Rootstock 

The Soils

Patricia and Amarillo Soil Series, fine loamy sands

Grapes in a large harvest bin


Planted at our homebase, Whitehouse Parker this vineyard surrounds our original farmhouse and can be viewed from our Whithouse Parker tasting room.

Year(s) Planted: 2014 (South Block) 2016 (North Block)

Parker North

  • Mourvèdre (5 Acres) planted in 2016 clone 4 1103p Rootstock
  • Cinsault (5 Acres) planted in 2016 clone 2 1103p Rootstock

Parker South

  • Syrah (3 Acres) planted in 2014 clone 07 1103p Rootstock
  • Sangiovese (4 acres) planted in 2014 clone 02 own rooted
  • Cinsault (1 Acre) planted in 2014 clone 01 own rooted
  • Malbec (2 Acres) planted in 2014 clone 04 own rooted
  • Cabernet Franc (2 Acres) planted in 2014 clone 01 own rooted

The Soils

Amarillo / ‘Midessa Potter & Posey’  Soil Series, fine sandy loam

Crookshouse Vineyard at sunset


Our third and maybe final vineyard planting, at the old Crookhouse farm.  This vineyard is broken into west and east blocks with 4 x 8 spacing, under frost protection fans.  It is also home to our flagship red varietal, Counoise.  Farmhouse Vineyards is proud to be the first operation to bring Counoise to Texas, and remains the largest commercial planting of this unique variety.

The Varieties

Crookhouse West Block

  • Grenache Noir (5 Acres) planted in 2015, Clone 03, own rooted
  • Tempranillo (10 Acres) planted 2015, Clone 02, own rooted
  • Cinsault (5 Acres) planted in 2015, Clone 02, own rooted
  • Mourvèdre (10 Acres) planted in 2015, Clone 04, own rooted

Crookhouse East Block

  • Petit Verdot (5 Acres) planted in 2016, Clone 02, own rooted
  • Petit Sirah-Durif (5 Acres) planted 2016, Clone 05, own rooted
  • Dolcetto (2.5 Acres) planted 2016, Clone 02, own rooted
  • Montepulciano (2.5 Acres) planted in 2016, Clone 01 & Clone 03, own rooted
  • Counoise (8 Acres) planted in 2016, Clone TCVS A, own rooted

We could try to tell you about Counoise, but we would not do it quite the justice that Tablas Creek does. 

Mourvèdre (7 acres) planted in 2016, Clone 04, own rooted

The Soils

Patricia and Amarillo Soil Series, loamy fine sands