Experience the awe-inspiring 100% Path of Totality during the Solar Eclipse & Join us on April 8th for a remarkable 7-year journey at the Farmhouse Vineyards Marketplace in Johnson City, Texas. 


We can offer you the most authentic and intimate Eclipse Experience available, and here is why: 

While others may create a label to showcase this event, we have quite literally corked time in a bottle.

During the last Solar Eclipse, The Observer was hand-harvested August 21, 2017. Bottled four years later, in July of 2021, and released on January 1, 2024, after laying down and celestial planning. 

Enjoy a weekend-long celebration and be serenaded by live music featuring The Gullyjumpers. Explore the vibrant marketplace and partake in games for all ages, Exclusive Wine Releases, local vendors, and “The Jittery Biscuit” food truck on site. 

The festivities commence at 10 a.m. on Monday with Mimosas & more.


Secure your tickets for 2 ✌️ by purchasing a bottle of #TheObserver. OR Enhance your experience and enter to win an Exclusive Wine Pouring + FREE Weekend Lodging Package ($5,000 value) by purchasing the “3 Bottle Bundle” of Come and See It.

We are excited to host you during the 2024 Solar Eclipse, a historical event you won’t want to miss in the Texas Hill Country with live music, exquisite wines, and captivating moments that will leave you spellbound.