On The Farm

Farmhouse Vineyards is owned and operated by two pairs of brothers and sisters-in-law, each member bringing a different personality to the company. The Seaton’s & Furgeson’s are comprised of 8 generations currently farming 7,000 acres of Cotton, Peanuts, Black Eyed Peas, Melons, Pumpkins, Various Grains, Dorper Sheep & Premium Texas Wine Grapes.

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“Growing Benchmark Fruit Wine Enthusiasts Seek & Wineries Designate with Pride.” 

We’re incredibly proud to boast #TheBestDamnClientList in Texas. Farmhouse Vineyards grows fruit for some of the largest wineries in the state of Texas down to the most boutique.

For us, the ultimate reward is not producing micro runs of our own wines but receiving vineyard designation from our winery clients. We specialize in warm-weather grape varieties that are well suited for the arid climate of the Texas High Plains AVA. Our flagship white grape is “Malvasia Bianca.” She is a rare and beautiful delight found in our Boyfriend, Farmers Wife, House Wife, Sweet, & Holly Dolly. Our flagship red grape variety is “Counoise” (Tablas Creek clone), found in our Cultivated & Revolution. Farmhouse Vineyards was the original planting of this variety in Texas and remain the most significant commercial producer.

Our advice on choosing a bottle is that price; is a nice wide net to cast, but not the end all be all if you’re trying to determine quality. If you want to champion something, choose local or a wine that’s American-made or grown- coming back to a family or an independent operation.

Come visit us!

Our greatest appreciation is when people take the time and spend their hard-earned money to visit our locations. We treat everyone like family and made the conscious choice to put our tasting rooms inside houses so that you feel like you are coming over for wine in our home.

We welcome you to visit us on the farm and tour the vineyard sites in the #TexasHighPlains in Brownfield, Texas, at our tasting room, Whitehouse Parker. For those who are traveling on Highway 290 touring the beautiful #TexasHillCountry, visit our Farmhouse Vineyards Marketplace & Tipsy Trailer!

Our goal as a family brand and the purveyors of fine fruit, fiber, & wine is to ensure that whether you are visiting us in person or online, you know the answer to a very important question: Who’s Your Farmer?

People see farming as a lifestyle and wine as a luxury product. Versus the actual product, it is, which is a heavily farmed commodity. Our goal to change that, to really bring awareness to agriculture in Texas via viticulture and put us on the same playing field, at least with truth, knowledge, and access.

Something notable about Farmhouse Vineyards is, as growers, we feel that “comparison is the thief of joy” and have decided not to enter award competitions. The goal is we want “our clients to win with our fruit.”


At Farmhouse Vineyards we are proud to boast the ‘Best Damn Client List’ in Texas! Our business is centered around supplying the Top Wineries in Texas with Premium Texas High Plains Fruit.



Conventional & Organic

Variety is the spice of life, even on the farm. As stewards of mother nature, food, fiber, and fine wine our farm operates on a diversity of row crops, specialty crops, and livestock. Our family currently farms currently 7,000 acres of Cotton, Peanuts, Black Eyed Peas, Melons, Pumpkins, Hemp, Various Grains & Vineyards.



3,000 Head Of Production Dorper Ewe

This haired sheep breed originates from South Africa and is built for the living conditions common in the Texas High Plains; wind, water, & weeds. The Dorpers are integrated into the row crops and vineyards year-round for sustainable practices, less chemical dependency, targeted fertilization, and soil regeneration.

Our goal as purveyors of Food, Fiber, & Fine Wine is to know the answer to a very important question: Who’s Your Farmer?

Purchase Wine

Not going to be in our neck of the woods anytime soon? Don’t fret, you can still shop our Farmhouse Vineyards wines online, we will ship straight to your house