The Row Crops

Conventional & Organic

Variety is the spice of life, even on the farm.   As stewards of mother nature, food, fiber, and fine wine, our farm operates on various row crops, specialty crops, and livestock. Our family currently farms 7,000 acres of Cotton, Peanuts, Black Eyed Peas, Hemp, Melons, Pumpkins, Various Grains, & Premium Texas Grapes.



Planted in our Vineyard Acres for many reasons, first and foremost wind erosion.  This crop serves as a natural repellent for negative pests while attracting benefial insects such as lady bugs.   This cover crop also serves as a grazer for our livestock who help maintain the vineyard eco system.

Custom Field Blend of Fetch, Mustard, Radish, and Clover


• 2560 Acres
• Farms: Lots

Varieties: Too Damn Many…Just Kidding,  Primarily Upland Cotton and Pima Cotton


• 1000 Acres
• 6 Farms
• Organic

Varieties: Virginias and Spanish


• 350 Acres
• 6 Farms

Varieties: Black Eyed Peas


• 240 Acres
• 6 Farms

Seedless, Striped, Yellow Meat (lemon color), Red Meat


• 90 Acres
• 3 Farms

Variety: Large Marge